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- Painter, Digital Media- 


The Painter & Digital Artist

“Michael St Amand is one of the 50 most important Contemporary American Art Masters”

(Michael K. Corbin) 

Born in Connecticut, USA, Michael St Amand is a younger contemporary of John Cage, Merce Cunningham, Robert Rauschenberg. He counts among the most influential contemporary artists of the “American Art Modern”. The era of Pop-Art and Art Happenings are the background of his career which he did not stop, unlike many others did or had to. 

Standing on firm ground - of Colors as Light, and Light as a State of Mind - he preserved the feeling of myth, and looked beyond the surface, questioning set conditions in order to find ‘truth’.  

On first sight, St Amand’s colorful artworks are eruptions of a passionate mind. But on closer view his playful seduction is structured by contemplation and empathy. Collages of displayed inlays – such as newspaper headlines, cut-outs from books, magazines - are opening a conversation with his counterpart, the viewer of his art. At the same time, the artist preserves a historical moment in time for the future.

This point of view led him to progress into the new era of communication from the analog to the dialog in the digital era. 

His digital artworks are eye-winking intercourses of playful elements that comment on the strict patterns of the algorithm.  

And then, in his typical St Amand’esque gesture to let light explode in color, he recreates his newest works on IT-display; (David Hockney found his new playground there too.) 

Everything seems so light and easy looking at a St Amand. But in fact, the Art of Michael St Amand goes deep with his powerful statement transmitting the core values: Hope, Love and Peace. 

St Amand’s Technique:

His paintings are collages of acrylic paint, brush, spray, paper findings, glue.

His digital works are based on his photographs with paint and/or paper collages.

His display works are created fully digital for display-exhibitions and as printed editions.


Exhibitions & Awards:

Michael St Amand’s work has been exhibited internationally in

USA: NYC, Dallas, throughout Florida with Miami, Naples etc.

France: Paris, Musee D’Art Moderne, at the Sorbonne, and in Bordeaux; 

Germany: Berlin, Kassel; Austria: Salzburg; 

Georgia: Georgian National Museum, and the Tiblissi History Museum; 

New Zealand; China/ Peking; and in many more.

His works can be found in museums, corporate and private collections worldwide. He won several awards, and has been listed in the US Art Magazine “Who is Who in American Art”.

He is active today with new media art and lives in Beijing with his wife. 

For full detailed list of exhibitions see: www.michaelstamand.com


- Painter, Performance + Installation Artist, Musician, Author -

(Berlin / Stockholm) 


Painter, Photographic Artist, Performing Artist, Musician & Author

Artist’s Statement: 

“By my artworks I point at the value of the individual, but also at the mortal drama of the human being”.

Crow is a German-born multi-discipled artist whose art appeals to all senses. 

As a painter of dynamic figurative abstraction his concept art paintings are creative inventions realized by a whole arsenal of tools (from acrylic paint, brush, pen, knife, scraper, lighter-gas to feathers, rope, wood, paper, metal, X-rays and more).  The results are multi-layered collages expressing dramatic emotions dealing with power versus fate; (art-historically Picasso, Bacon).  

Crow’s drawings are masterpieces of thrilling artistic skills. And beyond the technique, the artworks are telling complex stories of the multiple facets of a man’s life and circumstance; (Goya, Janssen). 

The art critic writes: “Crows paintings and drawings are abstract figurative portraits, illustrating inner conflicts, the struggle between obligations and desires. Dissolving figures try to find stability in rhythmical, formal patterns. The fragility and instability of the self is counterbalanced by geometrical structures. Images and ideas literally leave the frame of his artworks, expanding to a three-dimensional space beyond the limitations of plains.” (Hu Art Magazine, Diana Roman)

As an author, Crow recently created a poetry & art book with his own lyrics. His Tales in Verse are illustrated by his drawings and paintings. The book pages are displayed in exhibitions as a ‘Book-Wall Art Installation’.

Crow has been actively exhibited in international galleries and art-halls in Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Finland), in UK, USA, Japan and China. Some of his artworks are in permanent collections of museums; he won several awards. 

For full detailed list of exhibitions see: www.paintedsongs.com

"Tales of Dying Butterflies" 

a Collection of Lyrics + Artworks by Crow 


ISBN 97839821549-61 (dt) / -92 (en) 

to be exhibited at the FRANKFURTER BUCHMESSE October 2020

Manfred Dörner

 -Painter, Sculptor-

The painter and sculptor Manfred Dörner was born in Wiesbaden/Germany in 1945. 
After an apprenticeship as a metalworker and dental technician, Dörner left traditional professional life and turned to art. Since then he has worked as a freelance artist. At first it is metal sculpture, until he changes the medium in the early 70s:  away from sculptures made of rusty T-beams and steel sheets to painting. The change to painting took place at the same time as his move in the 1990s from Freiburg to Berlin. 
Manfred Dörner's sculptures stand in public places in Germany and his paintings have been and are being exhibited throughout Germany and Europe. He is frequently presented at the international art-fair ART BASEL. 
Among his loyal collectors and patrons of both his sculptures at the time and his paintings today are the collector and art patron Reinhard Conny Konzack and the business consultant and artist philanthropist Matthias Wiegel.